Deeko was established in 1996 with the Objective being to provide best value for money Procurement, Manufacturing and Logistics Services for the Construction and operation of Mineral and Chemical Processing Plants Worldwide. Deeko Provides these industries the advantages that Thailand offers by way of competitive costs, skilled labour, well organized management and quality control services.


Materials manufactured to US, BS, DIN, JIS, TIS, ISO4427 And AS/NZS Standards.

HDPE Pipe and fittings Black and Co-Extruded White Manufactured to the following standards AS/NZS 4129:2000 and 4130:2003

High Strength Steel bolts For Structural Engineering



Procurement of Local and International Manufactured goods including;

HDPE Pipe and fittings,

  • To Din, TIS, JIS, ISO4427 and AS/NZS standards, including white extruded HDPE Pipe, either galvanized or acid resistant surface treatments, Specials including reducing tees with stub ends and backing rings.

Corrosion control products

  • for the Preservation of Piping for  offshore oil recovery vessels, Super Heaters, Membrane Tubes, Valves and protection of carbon steel Plate.

Fabrication of structural steel, pipe spooling

  • Control of the final manufactured Products by using in house QA/QC personnel who supervise the fabrication of structural steel, Pipe spooling with specialized surface treatments I.e Chutes, Tanks, crushing structures, ADR Structures and conveyor structures.




Reagents for the Mining Industries including;

  • Sulphuric and Hydrochloric acids,
  • Borax, Chlorine, hydrogen Peroxide.

Valves for all applications including;

  • Gate, globe, Butterfly, Knife Gate, Check, Foot, Ball, Solenoid.

Mining irrigation Products including;

  • Aquamine/Yellowmine Pipe, Couplings, Reducers, Tees, Splines, Tapped Couplings, Wobblers, Regulators,

Tailings Piping and fittings including;

  • Spigots, HDPE Pipe, Backing Rings, Stub ends, Gaskets, Stud Bolts.

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